Adult Swimming

We continue our care and nurturing style in Adult swimming.  At Leigh’s Swimming Academy, we understand how the fear of water can stop one from enjoying this amazing element and understanding the importance of this life skill.

We embrace each and every adult swimmer and accommodate their individual needs accordingly.  Be it a bucket list achievement of learning to swim or to compete in a specific swimming event, our team is always ready for your journey to water wonderfulness.

Beginner Swimmers – we take great joy in teaching the amazing understanding and feeling of buoyancy in water. Oh, what a feeling!

Advanced Swimmer  – we take just as much joy in teaching the art of breathing correctly in long-distance swimming.  Oh, what a relief!

Classes are 45 minutes each:
R1500 per month (1 class per week)
R2400 per month (2 class per week)

Class times:
Monday - 5:45pm
Tuesday - 8:15am
Wednesday - 6:30am & 5:45pm
Thursday - 6:30am & 8:15am
*All classes are subject to availability

Each session can be conducted in a group (what a way to meet friends with similar goals/interests) or private sessions.

Give us a call to discuss your next step in learning to love water.

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