Stroke Correction

Our stroke correction classes start from as young as 4 years old. As long as the child is 100% waterborne, we move onto teaching and correcting the four strokes.

Each week is dedicated to one stroke and furthermore we spend time practicing starts, turns and finishes as well as tumble turns and diving. We believe that each stroke should be broken down using various FUNctional drills and then pieced together again.

These 20 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 children in each class bring huge amounts of fun to learning the formal swimming strokes while having a good physical work out. These sessions are a fantastic grounding for children who would like to join their primary school swimming team as well as for those that just enjoy the water and would like to further their swimming ability.

Groups are made of up 4 children per class!

Classes are 20 minutes each:
R770 per month (1 class per week)
R1 220 per month (2 classes per week)

Certificate levels: Seal, Baby DolphinAdult Dolphin, Marlin and Shark

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