Terms & Conditions

Fees, Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

As at the date of accepting these terms and conditions and payment of the admin and first month’s fees, your child is enrolled with LSA for an indefinite period until such enrolment is terminated as provided for herein.


  1. Fees
    *please note: these prices are with effect from 1 March 2024
Programmes Schedule 20 Minute Lessons 30 Minute Lessons
Group LTS  1 x week R770 R910
Group LTS 2 x week R1 220 R1 350
Private LTS 1 x week R1 220 R1 400
Private LTS 2 x week R1 850 R2 200
Babies Group 1 x week n/a R910
Babies Group 2 x week n/a R1 500
Adults  (in group) 45min R1500 1 x week R2 400 2 x week
Domestic Staff Swimming lessons (in group) 45min R800 1 x week  


All payment references must include your child/ren’s surname & initial (JonesR). 

Parents/guardians will be responsible for all fees, which will include the admin fee, and any further costs  for goods or services, including but not limited to equipment, caps, goggles.

The parent/guardian is responsible for any costs incurred in the collecting of any late payments. Full monthly fee payments must reach us by the First of every month for that month.

No debit cards, credit cards, cheques or cash payments/deposits.

Statements will be printed on request only.


Fees are not prorated for loss of lessons at any time after your start month.

Should you wish to increase or decrease the number of lessons per week, a full calendar month’s written notice will be required.


Late Payment of Fees – Where fees are not paid on time or withheld for any reason whatsoever, we reserve the right to refuse further lessons until payment is received.


  1. Admin Fee

Once off admin fee of R350 is applicable to all new applicants, this is a non-refundable fee. The once off, non-refundable admin fee for Nursey School enrolment is R150.


  1. Operating hours

We are open Twelve months of the year. We close on public holidays, the Easter weekend, and for a school holiday break in December and January for each year. The exact dates on the particular year will be communicated with a months’ notice.

Full fees are due for both December and January. Through out the year there are various months that have more than four “days” in that month. Eg July 2023 has Five Saturdays and Five Mondays, we do NOT bill for these extra lessons. Your payment in FULL in December and January ensure we can pay our dedicated Teachers in full for those festive months.


  1. Medical Conditions

LSA must be notified if your child develops any medical condition, illness or allergy from time to time, or if they are unfit to swim for any reason whatsoever.


  1. Make Up lessons.

Make up lessons are offered one per month due to client cancellation, and by mutual agreement and as per the instructor’s time schedule.  Should the instructor be unable to take a class due to circumstance beyond his or her control (such as illness) he or she will arrange for a qualified substitute instructor to stand in or make the lesson up in due time.


  1. Termination notice.


One (1) calendar month’s written notice must be given to notify LSA of any changes to the account, which includes but is not limited to the child leaving the school, whether permanently or temporarily, as well as the changing of any lessons.


  1. Absence from lessons

Should your child/ren not attend swimming lessons for any reason whatsoever, full fees are still payable.  Cancellation of lessons must be done before 9am on the day of lesson.  Customers who go away during school holidays or at some time during the year, please note that fees are still due for those months (even if you choose not to do make up lessons).  Make up lessons can be arranged by prior arrangement once cancellation is received.


  1. Inclement Weather

For safety reasons, the instructor, reserves the right to stop classes in the event of lightning and nearby storms. In such a case no make-up classes will be allocated. We will remain under cover and restart lessons should the storm move away and lightning ceases timeously.

  1. Pool Rules

All children are to wear swimming caps. Goggles are voluntary.

No running around the pool

Do not enter the pool before or after a lesson without the instructor’s permission.

Please arrive timeously before lessons

Unacceptable behaviour around the pool or towards an instructor will not be tolerated, Instructor will respectfully address unacceptable behaviour with the Parent concerned.

All children to be supervised by a responsible adult (other than the instructor) whilst on the premises before, during and after lessons.