• Climb in and out of the pool
  • Go under the water and blow bubbles
  • Flow on my back
  • Move along the edge of the pool
  • Jump in and return to the side of the pool
  • Do Doggie Paddle with armbands


  • A safe entry into the pool
  • Blowing bubbles underwater
  • Rolling with help onto my back and floating
  • Holding onto the wall in the pool unassisted
  • Jumping in and spinning in the water to get back to point of entry
  • Swimming with armbands and a noodle


  • Get into the pool safely
  • Go under the water
  • Swim with armbands, a floatie or a pool noodle
  • Swim a short distance to my teacher
  • Float on my back with very little help
  • Jump in and get to the side of the pool
  • Get around the pool holding on to the side


  • Bouncing up and down while blowing bubbles
  • Starfish floating on my front and back
  • Swimming 5m with no assistance
  • Rolling over in the water
  • Various difference ways of jumping into the pool

I am having a splashing good time in the pool!


  • Jump into the pool and roll over onto my back or return to the side of the pool
  • Kick 10m length with a kickboard
  • Kick 10m on my back
  • Swim 10m Doggie paddle
  • Do a kneeling dive
  • Pick up toys from the pool floor
  • Fall off the Lily pad and return to the side of the pool
  • Do streamlined pencil swims

Yaaaay! I am ready to start learning strokes.

Little Dolphin

  • Different ways of diving into the pool
  • “BIG” arms freestyle
  • Bi-lateral side breathing
  • Backstroke arms
  • Breaststroke arms and legs
  • A butterfly “wiggle”
  • A forward roll in the water

Big Dolphin

  • A standing dive
  • Three arms turn (freestyle)
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly legs
  • Somersaults


  • Variations of a racing dive
  • Starts and finishes for all four strokes
  • Speed, strength and stamina training
  • Drills and technique on all the strokes
  • To swim a length under the water
  • Forming my somersaults into tumble-turns


  • Racing Dive
  • Tumble Turns
  • ……….m Freestyle
  • ……….m Backstroke
  • ……….m Breaststroke
  • ……….m Butterfly

Yaaaay! I am ready for the Gym pool.